October 5, 2014

Return From Penang, Malaysia!

We have returned from our journey to Penang, Malaysia!! Our flight from Taipei, Taiwan arrived in Seattle around 7pm last night. This is a picture of where we were waiting for our shuttle to the parking light where we left our car. The flight left at 11pm Taiwan time, which is the same for Malaysia too – and then arrived the same day but 4 hours earlier! So we got back 15 hours all said and done which was kind of odd – time traveling! Over the next week starting Monday, I am going to do a new daily noodle review, and then a post highlighting everything of that day during our trip. At the end, I’ll be reviewing the new MyKuali Tom Yum instant noodle – my 1,500th review. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Return From Penang, Malaysia!

    1. Hans "The Ramen Rater" Lienesch Post author

      Hey thanks! By the way – I’m guessing you must be in Japan? You have some interesting varieties going on there shoot me an email sometime – [email protected]

      – TRR


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