Trip To Visit MyKuali In Penang, Malaysia

Tonight at 11pm, we leave for the airport! I didn’t expect how our first leg to Taipei would go north then south. One thing I just realized is that body of water at the top left. When I was a kid, I had a map on the wall of my room. I would look at it and found that body of water fascinating – just the name – The Sea Of Okhotsk. It sounded so strange and so far away. I never expected I would be that close to it; really quite amazing to me.

In past interviews I’ve done, I have told newspapers that my way of traveling was through the noodle. I would find a pack from an exotic country far away and feel like I was going on a little adventure. I never though that the daily noodle ritual would take me to those kinds of places someday.

We want to thank our hosts at Sky Thomas Foods, makers of MyKuali products for this opportunity to meet them, tour their factory and learn about Malaysia! This is really amazing and we are truly in awe of their kindness. See you soon!

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