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#1890: Kuriki Beef Tongue Shio Mayo Ramen

Okay so you might be wondering – beef tongue shio mayo ramen – that couldn’t possibly mean… Yes. Where did I get it though? ...see full post

#1855: Daraz Negi Man Ramen

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It’s a superhero which is a leek. Leeks, negi and Welsh onion – they’re all the same thing. I got this one from my friend Shinichi – he’s working with Mr. Yamato of Yakantei, a purveyor of very unique instant noodles to bring the harder to find tastes of Japan to your door! Very excited to try these hard to find varieties! Thanks, Shinichi for bringing noodles over to my apartment! Everybody – go and check out Ramen Mania! ...see full post

#1831: Kuriki Plum Mayo Ramen

Okay so you might be wondering – plum mayo ramen – that couldn’t possibly mean… Yes – plum and mayonnaise flavor. Where did I get it? ...see full post

Donation From Japan

So Monday I received a package from Mr. Ichiro Yamoto. He was also on God Of Patena, the show I was on too! He sells unique instant noodles in Japan and was kind enough to send me some really great varieties! Thank you! ...see full post