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#1980: Suimin Noodles With Prawn & Chicken Flavour

Here’s the first review of the donations sent by Jen of Australia – thanks again! So this is a new brand to me – was hard not to type Sumin but it’s Suimin… Made in Australia! Also, it’s prawn and chicken flavored – something I’ve never come across before. Let’s give it a look! ...see full post

A Huge Stash Of Donations From Australia!

I got a knock at the door – I was expecting a couple boxes today, but they’re either held up in costoms or still travelling. then I got handed this by the postman! This is a box from reader Jen of Australia! I posted an urgent call to readers of my need for varieties to review (the hampers have been getting very low). Well, she answered that call and sent a nice box of new stuff to check out! Let’s look inside! ...see full post