A Huge Stash Of Donations From Australia!

I got a knock at the door – I was expecting a couple boxes today, but they’re either held up in costoms or still travelling. then I got handed this by the postman! This is a box from reader Jen of Australia! I posted an urgent call to readers of my need for varieties to review (the hampers have been getting very low). Well, she answered that call and sent a nice box of new stuff to check out! Let’s look inside!

Upon opening the box, I found this. Look – a card!

Here’s the card (click to enlarge). I definitely will! Thank you very much!

Wow (click to enlarge) – 8 different varieties of Australian brand Sumin! Never heard of these – score!

Awesome (click to enlarge) – this brand I’ve heard of but never gotten any. I’m immediately eyeballing that Crispy Bacon!

Whoa (click to enlarge) – haven’t heard of this brand – another Australian product.

Capping it off (click to enlarge). That second row looks particularly fascinating – KOKA Pho rice noodle and next to it Maggi Fujian ‘Ow Ow Spicy Cow’ mi goreng! Jen, thank you very much – you went above and beyond and I truly appreciate it! I’ll be reviewing these soon!


  1. I have tried all of the cups, most of the packets too. Have to say that I still prefer my South Korean imports over the Australian products(I am an Aussie by the way). Interested to see what you think of them though.

  2. I can tell you that the ow ow spicy cow isn’t spicy, but it is yummy! The purple one above it was gross to me, interested to see what you think!

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