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#4390: Choi Ramen Noodle Soup Artificial Roasted Chicken Flavor – United States

Choi Ramen Noodle Soup Artificial Roasted Chicken Flavor

There’s a contest to giveaway some of these noodles! It’ll go from noon on 2/17/2023 – 2/24/2023. Go visit the Ramen Junkies group on Facebook and find the Choi Ramen Giveaway post. If you haven’t joined the group yet no worries – we’ll let you in! Comment on the post with why you deserve to be one of four people who will win 15 packs of Choi Ramen! Winners will be announced on 2/25/2023! Available for folks in the continental USA!

Here’s one that came from the folks at United Exchange Corporation – thanks! So, this is a big claim – restaurant quality ramen. These are made in Vietnam for the US market. I’m rather curious. Let’s find out what we have here. ...see full post

#1910: Nissin Chow Mein Premium Savory Sauce And Restaurant Quality Noodles Pad Thai Flavor

Today I’m reviewing something new that the folks at Nissin Foods USA sent recently. Pad Thai is a popular dish people get at Thai restaurants – pretty accessible for people in the United States since it’s usually not super spicy and is kind of like an Asian alfedo. Well, technically, it’s nothing like that but I think you know what I mean – it’s something that people aren’t extremely scared of, and a lot of the time, the first time Thai food taster will try it, like it, and decide they like Thai food but only order it when they go out for Thai food. Sad but true, especially when there are so many amazing flavors of Thai food out there. But it’s kind of like Chinese food – it’s Americanized so they get repeat customers. Americanized Thai food is very tasty though – I will definitely say I enjoy it. Let’s give this Pad Thai a try! ...see full post