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#4502: Quickchow Pancit Canton Toyomansi Flavor – Philippines

#4502: Quickchow Pancit Canton Toyomansi Flavor - Philippines

Toyomansi is a combo of soy sauce and calamansi flavors. Calamansi is a kind of citrus kind of similar to lime. This is great – rarely come across Filipino varieties and they’re some really good ones to try. Found this one at HMart with my daughter after her birthday party this year. We took her to Chuck E. Cheese – what an interesting place – very throwback. Let’s check this one out! ...see full post

#4476: Quickchow Instant Pancit Canton Chilimansi Flavor – Philippines

#4476: Quickchow Instant Pancit Canton Chilimansi Flavor - Philippines

I can’t remember where I found this but I’m stoked. I never find anything from the Philippines I haven’t reviewed which is weird since instant noodles are so popular over there. You might be wondering what is this pancit canton – well, think mi goreng; extremely similar. What’s that chilimansi?! Well, it’s spicy and calamnsi – kind of like a lime. Okay with that out of the way, let’s give it a go I’m stoked! ...see full post

The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Philippines Instant Noodles Of All Time 2018 Edition

The Ramen Rater's Top Ten Philippines Instant Noodles Of All Time 2018 Edition

As I mentioned at the begginning of the Top Ten Japanese list, I have added a little chat option to the site. If I’m available, I can turn it on on my phone and people can ask me questions or comment while they browse the website. Thus far, the most questions and comments are from the Philippines. I thought hey – why isn’t there a top ten Philippines list? I haven’t reviewed many from the Philippines lately and I kind of hope companies in the Philippines that make instant noodles might be interested in having me review their products – if so, please contact me. I would love to do an annual list for the Philippines, however without more reviews, there’s not a whole lot of reason to do so. So let’s have a look! These are my favorite Filipino varieties from the over 2,500 reviews I’ve posted to date. ...see full post

Re-Review: Quickchow Instant Bihon Guisado Instant Rice Noodles Saute

So my sister got me a neat plate a couple weeks ago at Shipwreck Day. Shipwreck Day is like a big citywide garage sale up in Anacortes, Washington – my hometown. The plate was part of a set and the lady didn’t want to break up the set, but my sister came back a little later and the lady gave in and let her buy one after she mentioned what I would use it for. The lady was originally from the Philippines and was a travel agent. I decided maybe I ought to do a review of something from the Philippines in honor of her relenting, and that’s what today’s review is about. Bihon is like bihun – it’s rice noodles. I reviewed this one originally almost 5 years ago – and really didn’t like it. Wondering if my palate might be a little more interested, I thought it’d be nice to try again, and so here we are – let’s check it out. ...see full post