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#2047: Oni Hot Pot XO Sauce Noodle


Here’s the second variety I was sent by the folks at Oni Hot Pot of Taiwan – thanks again! The first variety was a spicy one – this sounds a little more on the seafood kick. Let’s have a look, shall we? ...see full post

#2014: Oni Hot Pot Ghost Pepper Noodle

Okay so it’s been a while since I’ve gotten anything that’s supposed to be really spicy. Well, This one claims to have ghost pepper in it – that’s the Bhut Jolokia, a pepper that’ll rip your head off and then kick it down the road. This one hails from Oni Hot Pot, a chain of restaurants in Taiwan. Never heard of them before – although I have had Taiwanese hot pot here in the US before. Let’s crack this one open and see what’s inside. ...see full post

Noodle Samples From Oni Hot Pot Of Taiwan

Very curious about this – let’s pop it open.

Wow (click to enlarge) – that’s one angry looking pepper! ...see full post