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#4712: Little Sheep Signature Soup Noodle – China

#4712: Little Sheep Signature Soup Noodle - China

Man, where did I find this one. Hmm… I think I found it at 99 Ranch Market in Edmonds, Washington, but I could be totally wrong. It looks as Sichuan Baijia is making this one, however they’re making it in Inner Mongolia which I find fascinating.  I’m really curious about this one, that’s for sure. Let’s give it a a try! ...see full post

#1001: Paldo ДОШИРАК (Dosirac) Beef Flavor

Well my friends, onward we march with the first post-1000 review! This is Dosirac with Cyrillic writing on it. I thought at first this is sold in Russia, but on the back there was a clue. I looked up the url mentioned – it turns out the .MN means Mongolia! Neato! So what’s Dosirac? It translates to ‘lunch box!’ I’ve had many of the versions that are sold in trays, but never have I seen a pack version. Let’s give this a try. ...see full post