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#3708: MyKuali Spicy Fried Noodle (MeeKuali Pedas – Malaysia

#3708: MyKuali Spicy Fried Noodle (MeeKuali Pedas - Malaysia

Well hello, Malaysia! I was going through my stores of reviewables and found this one last week and though today was the perfect day to give it a try. Honestly the main reason being is that yesterday my daughter tried some yakisoba, so I thought maybe she would like to try this dry variety as well. I’m not sure if this will be as spicy as last time I tried it – it’s a new version. ...see full post

#2430: MeeKuali Bihun Sup Rempah Perisa Daging

#2430: MeeKuali Bihun Sup Rempah Perisa Daging - Malaysia - The Ramen Rater - rice vermicelli

This is something new from MyKuali as part of their new MeeKuali line. It’s a beef flavor rice vermicelli! The packaging and everything is definitely a departure from their regular MyKuali line which is very popular and are some of my favorites I’ve ever tried. I looked up rempah on Wikipedia and found this – ...see full post

#1823: MyKuali Spicy Fried Noodle MeeKuali Goreng Pedas

So every product MyKuali has come up with so far had made it into the big annual Top Ten Instant Noodles Of All Time list. It’s pretty mind-blowing; their products are so good, diverse and high quality. Well, today I’m going to check out a new one – a mee goreng offering. During our trip, I got to try some local hawker mee goreng last October in Penang. ...see full post