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#4074: Noodie Tonkotsu Irresistible Ramen – United States

#4074: Noodie Tonkotsu Irresistible Ramen - United States

This is the third variety of Noodie Vegan ramen I have here to try and I’m really stoked! The first I tried was their Peanut Chili which was absolutely fantastic stuff – just loved it. The second was the Smoky Garlic, and sadly, I really disliked that one. But now we have a Vegan Tonkotsu and I’ve had quite a few Vegan tonkotsus in the past, so I’m hoping this one will be great. Let’s give it a try! ...see full post

#4033: Noodie Peanut Chili Irresistible Ramen – United States

#4033: Noodie Peanut Chili Irresistible Ramen - United States

I received an email a few weeks ago from Isabel, CEO and Founder of Noodie. She extolled the virtue of her product (non-fried, 16g of protein, lower sodium, load of veggies, and Vegan-friendly) and asked if I’d like to try it. Never one to turn down the chance to try something new, I accepted – and here we are. I write this before tasting, but I’ve got it say I’m already impressed. The presentation here is just impeccable – downright revolutionary to be honest. You can cook these noodles in their container (which is plastic by the way). You can cok it like a cup noodle, however the noodle block is in a standard flat shape – which works with the container. The graphic design and fonts are great – you can’t tell from the above picture, but the contents of the bowl image are done with gold leaf! This honestly feels like a futuristic instant noodle. Isabel sent a very nice note about how my review would be a big milestone in the timeline of her product. Like I said at this point of writing, I’ve not tried it yet – but I definitely wanted to say that this is one of the neatest packaged noodles I’ve seen. With that, let’s begin. ...see full post