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#1909: Asia Gold Instant Noodles With Chicken Flavouring

Today I’ll be reviewing another one I got after visiting Thailand – I went to a special event held by the company that makes MAMA instant noodles. They make different brands and this one’s made in Hungary for the European market. Let’s check it out! Oh, by the way – this one will be for my son Andy – he’s a fan of anything chicken instant noodle. He’s got a blog himself – Andy’s LEGO Stuff – go check it out! ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #1469: Bamee Oriental Style Instant Noodles Beef Flavour

Before this Meet The Manufacturer, I really hadn’t known that Thai President Foods made so many different lines of instant noodles. I thought they made MAMA and that was about it – I was definitely wrong about that! Here’s another line for export to Europe, Bamee. This one has quite a few languages on it, more than the Thai Chef I reviewed a couple days ago which looked to be more for the German market. Anyways, beef! Beef sounds like a good one for today – it’s cloudy outside and a bit cooler. I’m wishing we could skip fall and go straight to winter – I really like snow and fireplaces and all of that comfy stuff. Summer is great, but it’s been a pretty hot one here. Beef soups are some of my favorites during winter, which is what made me go on that tangent there. Anyways, it’s still summer but time for Bamee beef noodle soup! Let’s go! ...see full post