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#4337: A-Sha Crazy Rich Ramen – United States

#4337: A-Sha Crazy Rich Ramen - United States

Okay so first off, a big thanks to A-Sha for sending one of these! Second off, this is a very premium box. Within are noodles, sauce/seasonings, and then some very fancy extras. This box retails for $199. Yeah – that’s a lot. I often tell people when they’re sick there’s nothing better than noodles. Well, that’s maybe if you have influenza. This box however is if you have affluenza. Read on and see what is within! ...see full post

A-Sha Sends $200 Crazy Rich Ramen!

Yeah, you heard that right – $200! Actually, $199 – but close enough. This is an ultra premium variety. I generally tell people that one of the best thing if you’re sick with the flu is to curl up with a bowl of noodles. Well, that’s influenza. If you’re suffering from the needs associated with affluenza, this might be the noodle you’re looking for. I should mention that at the time of this posting, they’re running a sale of it, so it’s $99 bucks and free shipping. Good timing with the holidays and all. The day after this posts, the review for this will come out. Big thanks to A-Sha for sending this over – let’s check out the unboxing! ...see full post