A-Sha Sends $200 Crazy Rich Ramen!

Yeah, you heard that right – $200! Actually, $199 – but close enough. This is an ultra premium variety. I generally tell people that one of the best thing if you’re sick with the flu is to curl up with a bowl of noodles. Well, that’s influenza. If you’re suffering from the needs associated with affluenza, this might be the noodle you’re looking for. I should mention that at the time of this posting, they’re running a sale of it, so it’s $99 bucks and free shipping. Good timing with the holidays and all. The day after this posts, the review for this will come out. Big thanks to A-Sha for sending this over – let’s check out the unboxing!

Oh – I should mention that the review of this one will come out on December 9th, 2022, which is tomorrow if you’re reading this the day I post.

A-Sha Sends $200 Crazy Rich Ramen!

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