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#4064: Ramen Express By Chef Woo Hotter & Spicier Chili – United States

#4064: Ramen Express By Chef Woo Hotter & Spicier Chili - United States

To be honest, this makes me very happy. I’ve really found the Ramen Express varieties to be quite good, and now they’re easily found at Walmart. I’m not extremely keen on the cup versions (although I haven’t had the new shrimp variety so maybe they’ve changed; I will soon), but the packs have a great noodle and very nice flavors. I’m unsure if this is different than the origininal hotter and spicier variety; this one tacks ‘chili’ on the end and has different packaging. Saw it at Walmart a couple of days ago. ...see full post

#1315: Sainsbury’s Chicken Flavour Instant Noodles

Here’s one that Joe B. and Sarah B. sent me from Nottingham, UK – thanks! This is a common variety you would find at a store called Sainsbury’s. Sainsbury’s is a chain that can be found throughout England which sells pretty much everything by the looks of it. British varieties usually tend to be on the blander side, as is the way with a lot of food from over there, but sometimes they’re really good. Let’s see which end of the spectrum this one falls into. ...see full post

#800: Mr. Noodles Instant Noodles Chicken Simulated Flavour


Here it is – number 800! Gonna hit that four digits sooner or later. Thanks go to Mark K. and Erika L. for getting these to me! I had to decide on an appropriate variety for today’s big 800, so I though Canadian chicken (simulated flavor) instant noodles was fascinating enough to do the trick! So, here we go! ...see full post