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#2932: Soup Daren Borscht Noodle

#2932: Soup Daren Borscht Noodle

Here’s another one I found up at Foodyworld in Richmond, BC. I’ve seen these as cups before but never bowls. Now, borscht sounds like an odd flavor from Asia – let’s ask wiki a little about it – ...see full post

#1006: Amino Barszcz czerwony (Borscht)

Here’s the last of the varieties from Poland that were kindly sent by Joe & Gil of the UK! Borscht! I’ve never actually had real borscht before, but I read up on it on the Wikipedia page: ...see full post

Amazing Donation From The UK!

A little while back, a couple named Joe & Gill from the UK sent me some pictures for the ‘Show Your Noodles’ competition. They also offered to send some noodles from across the pond! After a little while, here they are! ...see full post