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Meet The Manufacturer: Interview With Jingqi

#1618: Deshome Aloe Thin Noodles With Camellia Oil Spicy Bean Sauce Flavor

Deshome makes some pretty unique noodles, using ingredients I’ve never thought would go into a noodle. Aloe, bee pollen, and now, camellia oil in a sachet.Fascinating! Let’s have a look at this camellia oil variety from Deshome of Taiwan! ...see full post

#1280: Deshome Sun Dried Noodle Chlorella Powder Noodle With Curry Sauce

A new one from Deshome! Not only is it new, but it’s curry! However, it’sd also chlorella. I put one variety on instant noodles on my bottom ten list that was a green tea and chlorella combo. I’m not sure if it was the green tea or the chlorella I dislikes, but I really disliked that one! So I guess we’ll see! As far as chlorella, Wikipedia has this to say: ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #1081: Deshome Aloe Noodle Sesame Sauce

So we are at the end of the Deshome Meet The Manufacturer. Let’s have a look at their aloe noodles with sesame sauce. ...see full post