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#2480: Acecook Pork Wantan Men

#2480: Acecook Pork Wantan Men - Japan - The Ramen Rater - instant noodles - ニュースリリース ワンタンメンどんぶり タンメン味

Here’s one from Javier over at www.BoxFromJapan.com – thank you! So Box From Japan is a subscription service – every month, you can get a different four bowls of instant ramen from Japan – pretty awesome!  This one’s wantan men – let’s see what Wikipedia has to say about this variety – ...see full post

#2468: Acecook Dossari Yasai Chanpon

#2468: Acecook Dossari Yasai Chanpon - Japan - The Ramen Rater - ニュースリリース

Here’s a new one – sent by Javier at Box From Japan! Thankj you! So Box From Japan is a subscription service. Indeed, you can lay out a few bucks every month and get a box with four really decent instant ramen from Japan to your door – definitely one to check out if you’re into Japanese food and culture ...see full post