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#90: Long Kow Crystal Noodle Soup 6 Kinds of Mushrooms

Click image to enlarge. Slightly spicy. The mushrooms don’t actually have a lot of flavor. The mushrooms were a bit mushy. There’s some yellow stuff that I don’t know what it is… The little yellow bits taste like egg… The noodles are good but they’re hard to eat – they don’t want to stay on a fork and are slimy. I wouldn’t say this stuff is anything special. 2.3 out of 5 stars. Get it here.

#89: Unif – 100 Artifical Stewed Pork Chop Flavor Instant Noodles

This is Christine’s first official ramenrater appearance! Look for more reviews by her soon!

Three packages of flavoring – powder, seasoned oil and vegetable.

Ready for the pain.

Christine’s review: Lots of delicious, meaty flavor. The seasoning was really good – wasn’t as salty like a lot of the other noodles I’ve had. Had a flavor that reminded me of something I’ve had before but can’t remember what. The only bad thing about it was the heartburn afterwards. I give this a 3.2 out of 5 stars rating!