For almost 20 years, The Ramen Rater ( has been reviewing instant noodles from around the globe. Unfortunately, that has come to an abrupt standstill. I’ve run out of instant noodles to review. Local stores have nothing new for me. So today, I’m asking if some of you would be kind enough to send me some varieties you may have locally that I’ve not reviewed. I will add your name to reviews (I can leave it anonymous, should you choose).

I’m looking for any and all instant noodles I’ve not tried in the past. Varieties from anywhere in the world are most certainly welcome, but I think ones from Europe (particularly Eastern Europe/Russia), African countries, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, The Philippines, China, South Korea, and South America will have the best chance of being ones I’ve not samples. As of this posting, I’ve published almost 3900 reviews. I have unpublished reviews up to (get this) 3994. So close to a big number and stuck dead in my tracks.

If you would like to help, and are either an individual or company, thank you very much. Please contact me at and we can see if what you have are something I’ve not reviewed – I don’t want people spending money on shipping only to send varieties I’ve not tried.

Thank you for your time and continued support of my endeavors. It brings me great joy and happiness to provide detailed reviews of all these noodles and hearing your comments and fielding your questions.

Best regards,

Hans Lienesch

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