Unique Veggie Noodles From A-Sha


A box showed up a couple days ago from Hann-wei over at A-Sha! Let’s see what’s inside!


Awesome – two new ones to try! You might have seen the tomato one from A-Sha on the top ten list this year – it’s part of an interesting line of noodles. Here are a couple of them I haven’t tried yet – Carrot and a very interesting one called Baby Grass! The No. 10 is a favorite of mind – a black pepper dry noodle – good stuff!

Here’s a new snack A-Sha’s making – Prince Katsu Seaweed Snack. I’ve never been really partial to the small sheets of seaweed I’ve tried in the past but this is different. It’s two small pieces with a little bit of sesame going on which is a little sweet and crunchy. Addictive stuff! Thanks!

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