#1502: JinMaiLang Artificial Pork Flavor Noodles

JinMaiLang is an interesting brand. I’ve found their logo on a lot of seasoning sachets that are in different branded packaging – Golden Wheat comes to mind first. This is known as ‘private labeling’.’ Basically, say I wanted to have a The Ramen Rater brand instant noodles, but I didn’t want to have a factory. I could call on a company and say ‘hey – I like this variety you make – can you make it but use these graphics for the outer packaging?’ Boom – private labeling. Usually if you see something like ‘made for [company] by [company]’ that’s a clear indicator. Anyways, these look interesting. There are certain colors that seem to be designated for different flavors where Chinese noodles are concerned. Chicken is yellow, beef is red, seafood is blue and pork is green. Also, purple seems to be the color of sauerkraut! Anyways – let’s check this one by JinMaiLang out!

Here’s the back of the package (click image to enlarge). Looks to be meat free but check for yourself. To prepare, add everything to 500ml boiling water. Cook for 3 minutes. Eat!

The noodle block.

Powder base sachet.

Has a salty and pork-like scent.

A paste sachet.

Thick and oily with a slightly acidic scent.

The vegetable sachet.

Lots of little flakes.


Finished (click image to enlarge). Added cabbage, sweet onion and thin sliced pork I sauteed together. The noodles are really nice – this and have this charming comfort food feel to them. They take on the broth which has a nice stewed pork kind of thing going on. Again, it’s got that nice comfort feel, and the interplay between noodle and broth is almost buttery, but I don’t think there’s any butter here. It’s the kind of bowl of noodles that makes me wish it was about 20 degrees cooler outside and closer to Christmas if that makes any sense. The veggies hydrated well enough. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars .EAN bar code 6921555583920.

This is pretty rad – a few different varieties of JML’s noodles and a set of chopsticks!

I think this might be a Mongolian JinMaiLang commercial.


  1. i literally JUST bought this yesterday from china town london! 🙂 immediately went here to see your thoughts before i tried it, found nothing and now a review the very next day. do you have magic noodle senses ? (been looking for a good pork rib flavoured noodle soup too). they also have a stewed beef one in this brand.

    I also picked up the prima taste chilli crab and curry noodles that you rate so highly, cant wait to try. having trouble finding the paldo cheese noodles though, i saw it last time so must have sold out. love the site!

    1. Sarah –

      Wow I guess I do have noodle senses eh? Hah! I tell you though – if I were in London I’d be getting all sorts of Pot Noodle, Golden Wonder and the like., I hear there’s a chocolate covered pot noodle snack now – would love to get my hands on more British instant noodles!!!

      – TRR

    1. Yeah I saw this a while ago – sounds very odd! What’s unfortunate is that the Nissin Cup Noodle we get here is the United States isn’t the same as over in Asia 🙁 I would give this a try if I had one. I’m sure I could find the cup pudding/flan though.

      – TRR

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