A Big Box Of Awesomeness From Malaysia!

Got a package from MyKuali today! Who is MyKuali? Well they’re The Ramen Rater’s first advertiser – you might see their advert up above. The make the Penang White Curry instant that was #7 on the 2013 spiciest list. Im excited – let’s see what’s inside!

Here’s a little poster of their different pastes. They make a lot of them in Thai and Penang varieties.

Here are six of them! Gonna have to get some fish and chicken and give these a try!

Some pamphlets with sample recipes to make using the pastes.

They were kind enough to send a multitude of different Malaysian instant noodle varieties! Wow – they sent varieties they don’t even make just so I could try ’em out! Thank you very much – reminds me of Miracle On 34th Street when Santa sends people to different stores. This is really neat.

A poster people at the factory signed! Very cool! Wow! A special thank you to Annie and everyone else over at MyKuali!


  1. I am soooo jealous! I am from Penang, Msia currently studying in Ohio. I miss my country’s food so much!!!

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