#1227: Mr. Noodles Chicken Kimchi Oriental Style Noodle With Soup Base

Here’s another one from my birthday trip to Canada. I think this may the first instance of chicken kimchi noodles I’ve heard of. Let’s give it a try.

Here’s a closeup of the lid (click image to enlarge). Looks to be meat-free but check for yourself. To make this one, peel back the lid halfway, dump in the sachets and fill to 1/2 inch from the top with boiling water. Re-cover and let sit for 3 minutes and it’s ready.

The noodle block.

Soup base sachet.

Has a chicken taste.

The veg sachet.

Veg and powder.


Finished (click image to enlarge). Added hard boiled egg and a slice of processed cheese. The noodles are a little crumbly and have a slightly ‘off’ texture. The broth is really ‘off,’ it’s kind of like kimchi but then again not really. It has a kind of tomato and chicken thing going on but really oddly so. The bit of vegetable are there but I don’t know what for really. Everything kind of has this weird flavor throughout – the only thing I can liken it to is the smell of a bag of tortilla chips. Bottom line is that it really tastes neither like chicken nor kimchi and has extremely subpar noodles. 0.5 out of 5.0 stars.UPC bar code 059491009009.

Tom Brokaw talks about Canada. The Peace Arch crossing is what we drive by when going up there!

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  1. yeah, ive been eating the shrimp top ramen noodles for months and something told me to look at the back and I did Im a pescatarian an on the back in the seasoning was BAM chicken fat. I freaked the freak out.

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