1. This stuff in the TVC is good! Trust me! The best product from SuperMi, I’d say. Especially the “gokar” (goreng kari) flavour. Basically they’re fried noodle, but with flavours that are commonly made into noodle with broth. This variant has 3 flavours: “GoSo” or Goreng Soto (Fried Noodle with Soto Soup flavour), “GoKar” or Goreng Kari (Fried Noodle with curry flavour) and “GoBang” or Goreng Bawang (Fried Noodle with Onion Chicken flavour). Those flavours are commonly served with broth, but in this variant, they make the seasonings composition perfect for fried noodle 😀 my fave is GoKar. They also give some fried shallot in flour (hard to describe it) that’s so crunchy they’re sometimes called ‘kriuk’, from the crunch sound.

    Too bad I can’t help you get them. As a college student in Indonesia, those varieties of instant noodles are the best treat for all-night studying days before exams 😀

    Btw, if you want to buy some products in Indonesia but have no friends who’s travelling there/is going to your area from Indonesia, maybe you can check http://www.bistip.com. Basically it’s an Indonesian-based site that facilitates you to ask ppl who’s travelling to help you bring stuff you need from the place they’re travelling to/from, with tip. Since most of the members are Indonesian, there might be a lot of the members who can help you 😀 the site has clear regulations so I think it’s safe enough 🙂


  2. Bought a CASE of SuperMi yesterday, with assorted flavours. Lime Chilli Chicken, Chicken Curry, Goreng, Goreng Extra Spicy, and Onion Flavour. Great stuff, and 30 packs for only $7.

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