#241: USA Canning Fu Chang Chinese Noodle Company Beef & Noodles Hot & Spicy

Well, this thing is big enough – hopefully it’s good stuff!

So the dragon pulls the cart. I would hate to be riding in that thing! The warnings of pain in store were interesting…

Clockwise, starting with the big silver one. Okay so that big silver one is what is called a retort pouch. It has some beef hanging out inside it. To its right, a packet of paste, probably where the heat is contained. I figure it is soybean paste with oil and peppery stuff. Beneath that is the soup base, and next to it are the veggies.

So something different: the directions are on a piece of paper!

Here’s everything before a water fill to the line and 3 minutes in the microwave. The goopy stuff closest to the noodle brick is the retort pouches contents of beef.

So here we are (click image to enlarge). I let it sit about 3 minutes after a good stir to get the noodles good and done and the veggies all re-hydrated. So it’s spicy and greasy and the meat is really quite good and the noodles are kind of weak. The real issue I see here is the sheer amount of broth. I’m a soupy kinda guy but the broth level was a little insane. maybe more veggies or meat or noodles – I dunno but the broth was a little much. All in all though quite a nice presentation. Interestingly enough, Fu Chang Chinese Noodle Company is a Product of the USA..  4.0 out of 5.0 stars. Get it here.

Here’s something a little more authentic.


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