#164: Unif Tung-I Artificial Beef Flavor Ramen Noodles

I must admit I laugh a little when I see this brand – I like the bit of Norwegian on the front. Biff!!! Smak!!! Sounds like the old Batman TV show! Well, Let me whip out my Bat ramen pot and cook this stuff up.

Red oil – I think a good sign!

Looks nice as it awaits the soup and noodles…

Here’s the Biff Smak (click image to enlarge) ! Wham bam! Wow – this stuff is tasty nice. The noodles are nice – not the best in the world but they have a bit of fortitude to them. The broth is slightly thick and has a slight spiciness and really hits the spot for a lunch meal. Also, a lot of noodles here – they pack em tightly. I’m giving this one a 3.75 out of 5.0 stars! Good stuff! Get it here.


  1. Eating this one right now. The artificial flavouring is nice. Tastes like beef with a spicy snap.

    Note also how the packaing says: contains one or more of the following: Palm oil, Soybean oil, flavouring.

    My guess is that it contains palm oil, BUT it MIGHT contain soy bean oil!

    It is like a lotytery every time, just too bad you never win, because in the end you will never find out which it actually was.

    Still a nice little meal, though 🙂

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