#132: Ve Wong Instant Oriental Noodle Soup (Mì Bò Hương Cay Khâu Vị) Artificial Peppered Beef Flavor

So again this morning asked Kit to choose which pack of noodles I should have. She told me to go ahead with the peppered beef. Sounds good to me!

Lotsa goo and a half powder half veggies packet.

The seasoned oil goo smelled quite delightful actually despite its poo-like imagery.

Click image to enlarge. The finished product here in all its glory. Noodles were on the mushy and boring side. The broth and veggies however weren’t bad at all. I’m starting to think it would be nice however to see the veggies float instead of getting so many at the very end. Hmm… Well, I liked this stuff. I’m giving it a 3.5 / 5.0. It tasted good and the artificial beef thingies in it were believable. Get it here.

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