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So here’s what I currently have to review – 20 different packages. I am pretty sure there should be lots more out there to pick up no problem. I still go out on my daily trips to the local asian groceries. I try to only get a single pack of noodles but it can be hard as they’re so cheap. With the advent of the city of Edmonds’ no single use plastic bag law, I had to dig out my backpack to carry things in. Irritating…

Been getting some interesting emails from people lately – a couple of which have told me ‘I’m doing it wrong’ – like on the Wei Lih and the Unif Chah Chiang varieties. So I’ll eventually have to re-review those. Should be interesting…

Gotten a few emails asking where to find noodles in specific areas of the United States. I’ll be happy to help with that no problem for sure. Some have been really annoyed and refused to believe that there could be any noodles near them, but I think that there are some pretty local to everyone in the United States – just gotta be a little resourceful. By the way – I’ve only bought one thing on the Internet but haven’t eaten it – nor will I ever as it is quite old…

Yeah here’s my Arnold Schwarzenegger Cup Noodle. Got it off of eBay a few years ago and it was a few years old back then. I was asked yesterday if I think some noodle companies have a competitiveness amongst each other. When you’re paying for the pre-Governator to adorn your noodle cups, yeah there’s competition. But not here in the states where noodles seem to be an afterthought and more of a last resort for college students.

So something you can do on your way to the Asian supermarket – actually leaving – is look around the entrance/exit area. There are usually a ton of newspapers and other printed materials as well as free CDs, DVDs, cassettes, VHS tapes – you name it. At 99 Ranch yesterday I would say there were about 60 cassettes sitting in a box. What’s on this stuff? Wel,l some is Vietnamese, I think some is Korean but its all for the most part religious. I picked up a little baggie there the other da that had 4 DVDs in it. It was a funeral, and the months leading up to the funeral of an old woman – who I imagine was important. Was a lot of chanting repetitively. I don’t know what it was about but it was interesting.

So there’s the current news… I’ll post something else soon.

– The Ramen Rater


    1. Googling terms like asian grocery, oriental grocery, oriental market etc usually is pretty good followed by your zipcode. Where are you? Shoot me your zipcode and I can probably find some for you if you have problems!

      Thanks for your comment,

      The Ramen Rater

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