August 12, 2010

#105: Indomie Mie Keriting Goreng Spesial Special Fried Curly Noodles

So here she is. Ultra tasty and ready for preparation. There is only one slightly better and its about the same but has a soup base packet inside which goes great with it.

Okay so looking pretty decent here – and reasonably good amounts of each.

Oil, one called sambal, but I suspect it is Manis Pedas and the third is sweet soy sauce, kecap manis.

The bowl is prepared. These noodles must be drained unless you want to be disgusted.

Here they are drained and just sitting there ready to mow down. Made this for a huge breakfast – there’s two packages just so you know. At this point, 5 out of 5 stars without hesitation.

Ah but throw on some eggs, some pickled ginger and some fried shallots and it’s even better. I know 5 stars is as high as it goes, but I will have to admit this is really just about my favorite. Like I mentioned at the beginning of the review, there’s another variety that comes with a packet that you add about 1/4 cup of water to and add. This goes well with the eggs – split the yolks if theyre runny and pour the soup base over it. Gloppy and glorious. Get it here.