#105: Indomie Mie Keriting Goreng Spesial Special Fried Curly Noodles

So here she is. Ultra tasty and ready for preparation. There is only one slightly better and its about the same but has a soup base packet inside which goes great with it.

Okay so looking pretty decent here – and reasonably good amounts of each.

Oil, one called sambal, but I suspect it is Manis Pedas and the third is sweet soy sauce, kecap manis.

The bowl is prepared. These noodles must be drained unless you want to be disgusted.

Here they are drained and just sitting there ready to mow down. Made this for a huge breakfast – there’s two packages just so you know. At this point, 5 out of 5 stars without hesitation.

Ah but throw on some eggs, some pickled ginger and some fried shallots and it’s even better. I know 5 stars is as high as it goes, but I will have to admit this is really just about my favorite. Like I mentioned at the beginning of the review, there’s another variety that comes with a packet that you add about 1/4 cup of water to and add. This goes well with the eggs – split the yolks if theyre runny and pour the soup base over it. Gloppy and glorious. Get it here.


  1. Hey I just found your site and I’m excited to try some of your favorites out — I wanted to start here but it’s not available at the link you provided! Do you by chance know another place to purchase this specific product?

  2. Southeast Asian cuisine such as Thai and Malay are actually very delicious. If you had the chance to visit Malaysia or Indonesia, please try the food here they are all very delicious.

    Thanks for the post btw, i love both Indomie and Mi Sedaap as well.

  3. i suprised, with this blog.. i know instant noodle since i young like a. indomie, supermi, etc, i just know in parts in world love indonesia instant noodle too. big thanx to you..

  4. I admit that it really is delicious. The curly noodle is smoother than the original Indomie goreng. I think you should taste Indomie chicken satay flavor served with original peanut sauce. It tastes like the real Indonesian satay.

  5. This is about the only drain-style ramen I would want to eat. I grew up eating Indomie’s original “Mi Goreng” and I loved it, but when I moved to California I realized they sold a different kind of “Mi Goreng.” IDK how to describe it accurately, but it seems like they used different ingredients for the noodles. It has this weird smell and after taste that I didn’t get from Mi Goreng I had in Indonesia. After that weird encounter, I kinda stopped eating their noodles (because the soupy-style ones also have the same problem) until I discovered the “special curly noodles” line. It’s slightly more expensive but tastes better, so I don’t mind spending more on it. I’ve been eating only the curly noodles line for 5 years now (and get my soupy-style noodles from Shin or Hwa Ramyun) and have no intention to go back to the original “Mi Goreng” cuz it tastes different to me now.
    But I heard talks about Indomie discontinuing their special curly noodles distribution to the US cuz of low sales.. I hope it’s just a rumor. :/

  6. YAY!! finally found a foreign blog that specially talks positively about my nation’s favourite noodle, INDOMIE!!! i don’t really know that a lot of americans love it! though i was already quite surprised when i visited Sydney (Australia), they sell a variety range of Indomie in local supermarkets (Woolworths, Coles, Costco). i hope indomie will soon reach your local supermarket as well so that u will have the same range as what we have in Indonesia… our no.1 favourite flavours in Indonesia are: Soto, Chicken Curry, beef meatball, Mie Goreng Original, Mie goreng rendang.

    also, if u feel that u need more soy sauce for the mie goreng, buy “Kecap Manis ABC” (ABC Sweet Soy Sauce) and “Sambal Extra Pedas ABC” (ABC Chilli sauce extra pedas). it’s the brand that the company (Indofood) use for their packet seasoning condiments. i’m sure you can get it at asian stores.

    sorry for my poor english… i hope u understand what i’m talking about, and thank u for blogging about Indomie… i really enjoy all your blog posts (been reading the Shin Ramyun and Teumsae…) :D… keep it up! Love from JAkarta, Indonesia

  7. This is definitely one of my most favorite noodles but I haven’t been able to find it anymore. I’m hoping to be able to purchase off Amazon when it is restocked!

  8. yes sir, Sop Buntut is Oxtail.
    about the regional flavors of Indonesia, maybe you can press Indomie directly to release some of those line of products here in the United States.
    I’m sure, they’ll listen.
    you are the king of ramen! 🙂

  9. My favourite instant noodles of all time as well! As for the types of varieties, I would have to say I personally prefer the Spicy Prawn Sambal flavour. Packs quite an Oomph! 😉

        1. Hans, I thought I was replying to Rizuan. lol
          I live in Washington DC and yes, I usually order my Indomie at Amazon or my local Asian stores. (in Virginia).
          but obviously, Indomie has a line of products where they are only being sold locally based on the regional flavours. even in Indonesia, sometimes you have to go to the local stores of that respective area/province in order to get that particular flavour.
          here is the link : http://www.indomie.com/products-nusantara.html#

          1. That Sop Buntut – oktail? Someone’s sending me one of those from Canada soon – what’s amazing is that just over the border there’s such a completely different noodle variety than here since they don’t have the samne trade restrictions.

            – TRR

  10. This stuff is kinda pricey in the US. Back in Indonesia I can get it for just about 45 cents and they come in 4 flavors.
    While they’re good, these things aren’t made for daily consumption, twice a week is a max if you want to stay away from colon cancer

  11. I really need to get me some pickled ginger. I’ve found a site!

    I love the indomie special chicken noodles which are cheap as chips off amazon.co.uk. Wish I could get some of these, more exotic, noodles readily.

    This site is brilliant.

    I used to live off noodles, then I started earning an okay wage so I stopped eating them. Idiot me.

    1. Yeah around here pickled ginger’s easily obtained – any place that has a section with veggies has it. Of course, you can just get a root of ginger and use a cheese grater and go crazy with it – that’ll put some hair on your chest!
      Noodles are just plain good and I think they really get a bad rap way too often. I’d much rather have a bowl of ramen than a steak any day of the week – it’s my thing. Thanks for the kind words! I’ll keep on reviewing noodles!
      – The Ramen Rater

  12. I’m an Indonesian and I can truly relate how you put this product on top of your top 10 list.

    A little bit of a heads up, though. What you referred to as sambal is what can be translated as chilli paste/sauce. “Manis pedas” (Not “mani pedas”, and I’m emphasizing this here. Trust me, you don’t want to know the real meaning of that accidental typo) is in reference to its taste. The two words can be translated to “hot & sweet” in English.

    Love your blog and your diligence in reviewing the ramens. Kudos!

    1. Actually, my wife and I are now very curious as to what that typo means! Thanks for the kind words about the site – it’s a lot of fun.

      PS – have you ever tried the Extra Pedas? That’s some spicy stuff!

      – The Ramen Rater

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