June 21, 2015

A New Variety From CarJEN!

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Got a big box delivered today! What’s inside? Let’s take a look!

Well packed!

This is CarJEN’s new Otentiq Cheezy Mushroom instant noodles!

Nice packaging! I’m real curious about this one. There’s going to be a Cheezy Curry as well!

They kindly sent along a couple signed posters for my collection! Thank you!

Some literature about Otentiq Cheezy Mushroom – and wait – what’s this?


CarJEN’s Nyonya Curry Laksa was #4 on the 2015 Top Ten list! Looks really nice on there too! Thanks to Sugu, Cherene and Santhosh for sending me these new samples!

Like these noodles? Hate them? Let everyone know with a comment!