October 28, 2011

Indigestion: Reader’s Digest Article Way Off The Mark

This was found, given to my sister and passed along to me. This is from a Reader’s Digest. I haven’t seen the Lucky Peach yet but boy is this stuff screwed up. I really liked how Nong Shim was just a Californian company – no mention of the fact that it’s Korean.  The Myojo Chukazanmai is a line of noodles by Myojo and has such an array of types (some are even to be served cold) that this broad review makes no sense. I think everyone knows how I feel about the GreeNoodle – try and try again I find them detestable. The Kamfen was the kicker for me though. Which one was reviewed? There’s a ton of varieties… Finally the article’s name kind of peeves me, but at least someone might go ahead and see f people review instant noodles online. The kicker? Not any mentions of anything from Indonesia, Thailand or Vietnam. Shameful!

Products cooked according to package instructions. Product reviews done prior to adding any additional ingredients.

2 thoughts on “Indigestion: Reader’s Digest Article Way Off The Mark

  1. NobleSquirrel

    I think perhaps you’re taking too much offense to this article. It’s almost tongue in cheek, I mean it’s Ruth Reichl that is judging instant ramen! I would highly recommend that you get the issue of Lucky Peach, as it is a pretty great overview of ramn by David Change and company. Trust me, he knows a lot about ramen.


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