October 17, 2010

#169: Samyang Seafood Party Seafood Flavor Noodle Soup

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Okay so its a Seafood Party! Who will we invite? Perhaps eel, piranha and manta ray?

Nope – cuttlefish, anchovy powder, artificial pork flavoring and shrimp extract – party up!!!

Click image to enlarge. Oh wow – I swore I took a picture of the flavorings and veggies in the bowl! Crap. Well, here’s a lovely picture of the finished product! Noodles are okay. broth is a slight bit spicy and kind of fishy (it is a seafood party) and the veggies are interesting. I’m okay with the seafood party, but wasn’t thrilled that it took place in my mouth. I’m giving it a 2.25 out of 5.0 stars; it just seemed rather lackluster and although it was a purported seafood party, I think it could’ve invited some more dried seafood friends. Get it here.