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#1596: Uncle Sun White Curry Noodle More Spicy

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Uncle Sun White Curry Noodle and noted that it was pretty darn spicy. Today, I’m reviewing the ‘more spicy’ version. If it’s a lot more spicy, it’ll be a really serious one, that’s for sure. Let’s delve into this Uncle Sun White Curry Noodle More Spicy and see if it’s got some serious bite. ...see full post

#1561: Uncle Sun White Curry Noodle

Most of the instant noodles from Malaysia have been just that – sent to me FROM Malaysia by manufacturers. What’s kind of cool is that now I’m seeing more of them start showing up in the United States. I found this Uncle Sun White Curry a few miles north of here in Everett at a newer Asian grocery simply called Asian Grocery (great name). It’s actually a great place – they have two varieties of this one – the one you see here and one that looks identical but says it’s extra hot! They also had Milo, a popular drink from Malaysia – kind of like chocolate milk, but like dark chocolate milk. Anyways – sweet – more white curry! Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#1342: Ah Lai White Curry Noodle

I’ve been trying lots of new varieties from Malaysia lately. Malaysian varieties have a lot of interesting tastes and flavors. I find it fascinating that there are so many countries in the world using so many different ingredients in a multitude of ways. Let’s check out this curry. ...see full post