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#2598: Myojo Western Style Kitsune Udon

#2598: Myojo Western Style Kitsune Udon - Japan - The Ramen Rater - instant noodles

This one was sent by Javier over at Box From Japan. Box From Japan is a subscription service and every month, you get 4 great new instant ramen bowls from Japan! Definitely worth a look! This one, of course, is from Japan and is kitsune udon! What’s that? Here’s a little from Wikipedia – ...see full post

#1241: Nissin Donbei Kansai Soy Sauce Flavor Udon

Was digging through the box today and decided I’d better get on this one. I couldn’t really find a lot about it other than the Google translation from Nissin Japan’s site. It mentions something about being special for the rainy season. Also mentions seaweed. Let’s give it a try! ...see full post

#321: Little Cook Spicy Beef Flavor

So this looks really interesting. Upon tearing off the outer cellophane, i notice that where it says NEW TVP SPICY BEEF FLAVOR is actually a sticker. In fact, on the sides there were stickers as well – ingredients, nutrition facts and direction on preparation. ...see full post