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#3266: Samyang Foods Hot Chicken Flavor Sausage – South Korea

#3266: Samyang Foods Hot Chicken Flavor Sausage - South Korea

No, this is NOT noodles. But it’s a tie in that’s for sure. These are little surimi (fish) sausages to enjoy as a snack, flavored like Buldak Bokkeummyun. I’ve seen these all over recently in different ways – some packs call them ‘Kid’s Bong’ and they come in a variety of flavors. These sounded interesting! Couldn’t resist. Let’s take a look!

Samyang Foods Hot Chicken Flavor Sausage – South Korea

#3266: Samyang Foods Hot Chicken Flavor Sausage - South Korea

Here’s the wrapper (click to enlarge). Contains fish. To prepare, open by pulling tab, extend sausage. Finally, eat sausage.

The package contains three of them. Note the little red tab.

Finished. I rally didn’t know what to expect with these little sausage things. What I found was they were pretty good – a little chew and a nice seafood and spicy hit from that definitive Buldak Bokkeummyun flavor. Spicy level, not through the roof, but definitely there. For a snack, I’d give these 4 out of 5 stars. EAN bar code 8801073940079.

Samyang Ramen, 4.23-Ounce Units (Pack of 20)

Our First Experience With Kamaboko & Narutomaki

I’ve seen many times mentions of Kamaboko and Naruto in ramen dishes and looked all over for them. This last Saturday we went to Uwajimaya and I found both! Hah! First, let’s check out Kamaboko. It’s surimi, which comes in many ways – for example, imitation crab is one form of surimi.

Here’s how it comes – on a little piece of wood! You slice it thinly and it can be eaten unheated since it’s steamed previously. It’s slightly rubbery and chewy – kind of like a cold-cut version of calamari. t has a very light flavor.

This is Naruto. There’s a popular anime character with the same name…

He’s got a little spiral on his head; he’s a ramen fan.

Hey look – the same little spiral! So it’s like a log of fish that you slice thinly. It is a lot like the Kamaboko except not as chewy and has a more fishy flavor.

Today I had some noodles with my son. He had a bowl of Nissin Dmae Ramen – the sesame oil flavor.

He was very interested in trying the Naruto and Kamaboko! The fearless Andy didn’t question ‘what’ it was, but was very interested as it’s from Japan – he’s in a club at school called ‘Nakano Club’ – they’ll have visiting students soon from Nakano, Japan and so he’s interested in all things Japanese. He liked the Kamaboko a little more than me – was hoping for a bit more flavor, but it was nice. I liked the Naruto better than he did. It had a slightly fishier taste and was less chewy. He ate the whole bowl of noodles though with all the additions! Not bad!