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Meet The Manufacturer: #2333: Nissin Maxi Sopa Nissin Cuchareable Sabor A Pollo

Meet The Manufacturer: #2333: Nissin Maxi Sopa Nissin Cuchareable Sabor A Pollo - Mexico - fideos instantanea

Here we have a big cup of noodles! I did a little translation on this one for you – ‘maxi’ means ‘big,’ ‘sopa’ means ‘soup,’ ‘cuchareable’ means ‘spoonable,’ and pollo means chicken.  Basically, this is a chicken noodle soup one can enjoy with a spoon instead of a fork. Got it? Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#2307: Ottogi Ramyon Sabor Pollo

#2307: Ottogi Ramyon Sabor Pollo - Mexico - The Ramen Rater

Here’s another one from Colin – you da man! He got these during a trip to Mexico earlier this year and sent them along. It’s funny; it still kind of boggles my mind how few instant noodles from Mexico I’ve had the chance to try until only recently. I mean, Mexico is pretty darn close. But then again it’s kind of the same way with Canada – I live about an hour and a half from the border and until we went up there a few years back for my birthday, I hadn’t tried much of anything from up there. Anyways, let’s check out this chicken flavored instant ramyun from South Korea for the Mexican marketplace. ...see full post

#1233: Nissin Sabor A Pollo Sopa Instantanea Con Fideos

I thought today I’d do a couple reviews. My son had a craving for some noodles for lunch and I thought hmmmm… Which one? I’ve currently got a ton of varieties to pick from right now, but there are many he will definitely not like. One of his faves is Nissin Top Ramen Chicken flavor and so thought he might like this one. This one’s for sale in Colombia, made by Nissin here in the US, and is basically a repackaged version of the chicken Top Raen. Let’s see how it goes! ...see full post