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#4819: Pamana Ginataang Mais – United States

#4819: Pamana Ginataang Mais - United States

Finishing up a week of reviewing today (it’s Friday for me) in early October, 2023. It’s pretty nutty – I’m now over 200 reviews ahead, and I’ve got a feeling this is coming out in late March of 2024, maybe April. While this isn’t ramen, it’s another thing you might find on the noodle aisle. It’s a Filipino porridge made in the United States. Let’s give it a try! ...see full post

#4795: Pamana Ginataang Monggo Mung Bean Porridge With Coconut Milk – United States

#4795: Pamana Ginataang Monggo Mung Bean Porridge With Coconut Milk - United States

Now this is a name I can get behind – Ginataang Monggo sounds like something from Flash Gordon! But it’s not. It’s porridge – I really like foreign languages! Anyways, yeah this one sounds interesting – let’s give it a go – by the way big thanks to James from Lakeside, California for sending this along! ...see full post

#3744: Pamana Instant chicken Sotanghon – United States

#3744: Pamana Instant chicken Sotanghon - United States

Here’s another one for the Filipino market here in the states by Pamana. Sadly, this is the last Filipino variety I’ve got so I’m hoping someone who’s reading from the Philippines might be kind enough to send some new varieties I’ve not reviewed. Very hard to come by these days for me I’m afraid! Let’s check it out – but first, a little snippet from Wikipedia about Sotanghon – oh wait, I guess not. It appears it’s being confused with rice vermicelli – which this dish does use, but the translation in this instance would be to bihon instead so I don’t know what to do… A little research yielded use of mushrooms, however in my years reviewing, I’ve seen a lot of varieties including saltine crackers. We shall see. ...see full post

#1408: Pamana Chicken Sopas Creamy Macaroni Soup

The other day we headed south to check out Ikea. I’d never been there before – wow pretty crazy place! I even tried the meatballs – not bad. Nearby Ikea is Seafood City, a big grocery store that sells mostly Filipino stuff. I have only been there once before and found lots of great instant noodles I’d not reviewed before. Sadly, I only found one – and this is it. Actually, my wife Kit found it! Thanks, Kit! I like the name; it looks like Panama and my spellcheck is insisting is should be spelled Panama, but it’s Pamana. One thing to note – so by the time this is posted, we”ll have moved. I’m quite a few reviews ahead which is nice. No time today to do the pics of sachet contents (actually I packed my little bowls already). Let’s see what’s inside! ...see full post