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Oh yeah – I’m going there. Maruchan Ramen is pretty versatile as are most instant ramen varieties – and now you can live the dream with is recipe for Maruchan Ramen Burritos!

Just follow along as I cook these up. Enjoy with a loved one!

Recipe: Stir Budalk Bokkumyeon

I saw a recipe that sounded interesting a few weeks ago, and decided I wanted to try it. The issue: I only had one bowl of Samyang Foods’ Budalk Bokkumyeon, a fiery and spicy fest whose close relative the package version made the Top Ten Spiciest Instant Noodles Of All Time 2013 list. I emailed Samyang Foods about it and they kindly sent some as well as some other new varieties.

Stir Budalk Bokkummyeon


  • 1 bowl Samyang Foods Budalk Bokkumyeon
  • 1 Traiangle kimbap
  • 1 slice Cheddar cheese

Here’s everything I’ll be using.

It’s hot and spicy, but the additions to it will cool it down a bit.

If you haven’t seen these, inside the wraps are triangle shaped rice with tunafish in the middle. You can find them at most South Korean grocery stores along with kimbap that comes in a roll which looks a lot like sushi.

I was told that most cheddar cheese in South Korea tends to be white in color, so thought I’d go with a white cheddar.


1. Prepare the noodle bowl by removing the two sachets and adding boiling water. Poke holes in the top to drain off the water after a few minutes (except for about two tablespoonfuls). The red sachet is the spicy sauce that is stirred in with the noodles which the other contains sesame seeds and short pieces of seaweed.

2. Once the noodles are drained, add the sauce and stir – a lot! Get everything combined well.

3. Drop the triangle kimbap on top and them combine it with the noodles – it breaks up pretty easily. Add some cheese on top and the contents of the sesame seed and seaweed sachet.

Finished (click image to enlarge). The kimbap and cheese chill out the extreme heat of the Budalk Bokkumyeon. You can also add yellow radish to cool it down even more. Thanks to the folks at Samyang Foods for sending me what I needed to try this out! I’ll be doing a review of the bowl itself very soon!

Grilled Kimchi’n’Cheese Shinwich

So I saw this recipe here and I thought hmmm… What a great idea! But I thought it might go better a little done differently…

Grilled Kimchi’n’Cheese Shinwich

  • 2 Slices sourdough – the big stuff
  • Kimchi – I used store brand
  • 1 pack Nongshim Shin Ramyun instant noodles
  • 4 slices processed cheese – I used two American and two Pepper Jack
  • Spray olive oil

Let’s first get the noodles cooking. Boil 300cc water and add seasoning packet. This is significantly less water than on the package directions. The reason we do this is so that when we drop the noodles in and they cook, they suck up a lot of the flavoring. Drop the veggies in as well. Add the noodles and cook for about 5 minutes or so. Drain and set aside.

Slap two slices of cheese on each slice of bread. Also make ’em mirrored so once the noodles hop on board, it’s a bit easier. Add kimchi to both sides of the bread.

Add noodles on top of the kimchi, close sandwich and drop in a hot skillet with a very decent amount of spray olive oil.

I’m going to tell you right now that flipping this thing over can be a real pain, but just go all in and you’ll be fine. Helps if the bottom is nice and done – one flip here folks.

Here’s the finished product (click image to enlarge)! It’s really good – the noodles that end up sticking out end up a little crunchy, the cheese is really nice and drippy too. Be careful – if it is being eaten right out of the skillet, the kimchi can be really hot – kind of like an onion on a patty melt that comes out and slaps ya on the chin and you learn about medieval torture the hard way. Anyways, enjoy.What a great idea this was – remember, I heard about it here first!