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#55: Hua Feng Noodle Expert Favoury Pork Flavor

Hua Feng Noodle Expert: Favoury Pork Flavor
Stars: *
Notes: Aside from being ‘favoury,’ this wasn’t really all that good. More like ‘pork rancid favoury’ if you ask me.
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#54: Hua Feng Noodle Expert Spicy Instant Noodles Spicy Seafood Flavor

Hua Feng Noodle Expert: Spicy Instant Noodles – Spicy Seafood Flavor
Stars: ***
Notes: This stuff’s actually quite different – it comes in a round cake of noodles, and fits quite snugly into the cooking pot. After cooking it, it really sucks up water and basically turned into a big bowl of seafood spaghetti! Wasn’t too shabby with some roman peasant bread left over from mother’s day. ...see full post