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Mooncake from Prima Deli – Singapore

Mooncake from Prima Deli - Singapore

So you probably know that I’ve been proud to place Prima Taste Laksa as #1 for the past three years on the annual top Ten list. I love it and can’t leave the stuff alone. Well, the company that oversees Prima Taste and oversees another company – Prima Deli. Prima Deli makes all sort of things including mooncake! ...see full post

Unboxing Time: Pineapple Cake From A-Sha Of Taiwan

Mid-Autumn Festival will be upon us very soon. October 3rd! A-Sha Dry Noodle, a company whose products have been in the Taiwanese Top Ten and once in the annual Top Ten list also makes quite a few different items. ...see full post

Unboxing Time: Mooncake From Prima Singapore

Unboxing Time: Mooncake From Prima Singapore - The Ramen Rater - prima taste laksa curry la mian

I remember discussing moon cake with my contact over at Prima Taste just around a year ago. They mentioned that they made it too – they are primarily a flour company and so make lots of different products that use flour as a main ingredient – instant noodles, bread mix, moon cakes, etc. October 4th this year is the big Mid Autumn Festival over in Asia and moon cakes are a big part of it. They are very dense and ornate and come in very ornate packages for the auspicious occasion. Let’s see what they sent! ...see full post