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#3938: Meet Mee Malaysia Chili Pan Mee – Malaysia

#3938: Meet Mee Malaysia Chili Pan Mee - Malaysia

I got an email last week about this stuff – saying it was the most popular on a Malaysian shopping site. I got a package a few short days later, which was yesterday. So, here I am trying it immediately. I’m stoked; I used to get Malaysian varieties all the time in the mail and it’s not as common anymore – let’s check it out! ...see full post

#1706: Maggi Hot Cup Goreng Perencah Cili Fiesta

Here’s one I got on my trip to Malaysia last October! I was really keen on getting something like this while over there – anything that has some kind of promotion for a contest or sports event – or movies and cartoons – are very fascinating to me, not only because that’s not something you really see here on instant noodle products, but that the possibility of finding an export version here is slim to none. This one mentions Brazil on it – football! Let’s have a look inside and give ‘er a try! ...see full post