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#3028: Maruchan Yakisoba Korean BBQ Flavor Japanese Home Style Noodles – United States

#3028: Maruchan Yakisoba Korean BBQ Flavor Japanese Home Style Noodles - United States

I and my family got the flu – well, unsure if it was the flu but it was definitely a pretty mean cold. Yeah – I got it then my wife, then out kids – and two small children with the sick while you have it is a daunting situation. But we needed to get some things at the store so we all went and I ran in. I got the sick first so was getting to the point of starting to get over it while everyone else was knee deep in it. I thought hey – I’ll look at the noodle aisle. I always look at the noodle aisle. Lo and behold, they had this at Safeway. What?! Yep! something new to review at Safeway. Not the norm! So let’s see what the heck we have here and how it pans out. ...see full post

The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Instant Noodle Add-Ons Of All Time 2015 Edition

In the last few years, I’ve seen a large amount of articles with titles like ‘Best Ramen Hacks,’ ‘Pimp Your Ramen’ and so on. These titles fall under the category of clickbait – using hipster terminology and such to entice one to click on them. Usually, they’re all things people know about already; vegetables, oils and such. This is a list of my favorite add-ons and garnishes. While some may be familiar to you, others may not be. It’s also geared to help you navigate the Asian Grocery, a place many find to be alien to them but I have found to be one of the most vibrant and wonderful places I visit very regularly. Finally, I also included some tips of storage and how long these products last for those on a tight budget. In no particular order, here’s this new list! ...see full post