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The Ramen Rater’s Trip To Malaysia: Day 4 – The Isle Of Langkawi

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Another day of adventure! Today, we flew to Langkawi and tried some of the local foods and had a great time – check it out! I should also mention – pictures in these posts are by myself, my wife Kit and our friend Thomas Tang of Sky Thomas Food Industries Sdn Bhd. ...see full post

Guest Post On The ‘One Pan Wonders’ Blog!

I was invited to write a guest post on the One Pan Wonders blog this week, and so I did. Here’s the post. As you can see from the image, Teresa Dicentra Black is an author and has written a book about recipes for hiking and backpacking! I never equivocated hiking and instant noodles being connected, but it makes sense; they’re easy to pack and all you need is some hot water. Here’s a link to her website – check out her book! Thanks again for the invite – it was fun to write about noodles in a different way! ...see full post