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#2640: Myojo Hyobanya Yakisoba

#2734: Myojo Hyobanya Yakisoba - Japan

Here’s one I got up in Canada in 2017. It’s pretty awesome – a quick drive and we’re in another country! Some might say ‘that’s Canada – it’s not so different.’ Well, it is. It’s full of nice people and interesting things. I like it. ...see full post

#2649: Myojo Mee Poh Dry Instant Noodles

#2649: Myojo Mee Pok Dry Instant Noodles - Singapore - The Ramen Rater

The package says ‘yummy just got yummier.’ I can’t argue with that; I like yummy and more yummy is a paramount concern. Indeed, the proliferation of yummy is something that should be on everyone’s agenda. I mean, who doesn’t like yummy; the term passing through the mouth evokes a feeling of childhood giddiness and reckless abandon for anything else that’s a concern of the day. It’s a pure admission of surrender to the palate. ...see full post