A Ramen Poster By Fanny Chu



I got an email a few weeks back asking if I could tell people about a new poster. I don’t usually do this, but I thought ‘hey, that’s a neat poster!’ I did a quick Q&A with the poster’s creator, Fanny Chu:

THE RAMEN RATER> Why did you decide to create a poster about ramen?

FANNY CHU> After getting to know different kinds of ramen, I want to make a representation of different kinds of ramen in simple drawings. It later became a poster because I thought it will look really awesome to hang my favorite food on the wall.

TRR> What is your background; are you an artist by profession?

FC> I am an architecture designer graduated from UC Berkeley. Since I am used to a lot of graphic software, drawing something like ramen is not that difficult.

TRR> How did Kickstarter help you get this great poster out in the market?

FC> Kickstarter definitely helped me bringing the poster out to the global market. Many ramen restaurant owners around the world (from Japan, United States, Europe) are ordering the poster for their restaurant’s wall.

TRR> What’s your favorite variety of ramen? What about instant noodles?

FC> My favorite type of ramen is actually a lighter, pure type of ramen like Hakodate Shio Ramen. For instant noodles, I don’t eat as much as I did in college anymore. However, my favorite instant noodle is still Nissin Demae Ramen Sesame oil flavor for over 15 years. 🙂

TRR> How can people get one of these posters?

FC> My poster is available on my blog. Check it out at the link: http://myramenhouse.blogspot.com/p/my-shop.html


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