New Cheezy Curry Product Samples From CarJEN

Got a knock late in the day yesterday and a DHL guy saying he had a package for me.

Here’s the new Otentiq Cheezy Curry! I liked their Cheezy Mushroom a lot, and being a curryphile, I’ve been very curious about this one!

These look really neat! I’ll be trying this stuff very soon!

They emailed asking if there was anything else they could send. The Ramen Rater logo is on their E-Zee Curry now and I asked if I could have some of the unused packaging. These are the 5 pack bags. The top is sealed, so I imagine a machine opens the bottom, slides in 5 packs and then seals it somehow.

They also sent a roll of the bags for the individual packs. Thanks! Can’t wait to try the new Otentiq Cheezy Curry!

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