Meet The Manufacturer: Product Samples From CarJEN Food Sdn Bhd

A very large box of samples arrived today!

Looks to be full of interesting items from Malaysia! Let’s see what CarJEN Food Sdn Bhd sent!

These are big packs of their J.J. snack noodles in BBQ flavor.

Here’s their chicken flavor snack noodle – the big packs hold 10 small bags.

The two flavors in their E-mi line.

Many companies around the world not only sell their products with seasonings but without. These are 11 packs of instant noodle blocks.

Here is E-Zee Curry flavor.

I was initially contacted by CarJEN about this product – their new Nyonya Curry Laksa. Sounds pretty good!

They also sent these neat little zipper pouches with fork, spoon, chopsticks and keychains!

These can be folded to make a stand-yup you could put on a store counter. You would then use a marker and color over the parts on the numbers to show the price you were selling them at.

They also sent along a couple of brochures full of interesting info on CarJEN Food Sdn Bhd.

Finally, a couple autographed posters for the Wall Of Fame! Getting up quite a collection! Thanks to everyone at CarJEN Food Sdn Bhd!

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