Hao Way Penang White Curry Noodle Samples From Win Onn Foods Of Malaysia

Right after the 2014 Top Ten List was pudblished, I got contacted by a person from Win Onn Foods in Malaysia. They were keen on me trying their variety of instant Penang white curry noodles, and I liked the idea of trying more iterations of them, so I said please send some. Well, the first time they tried to send me some, I received this box.

That green tape there can be the mark of approval or the mark of doom for samples sent to me from abroad. Unfortunately, it meant doom. Their samples contained a scant amount of chicken – in powder form. The USDA/CBP guys don’t like chicken or beef from Asian countries, even in trace amounts. So, they saw fit to include a note saying they destroyed the samples that had been in this box and leave the posters that win Onn had sent.I then had the sad task of informing the shipper that they’d just spent a lot of money to expedite a practically empty box to me. I’d heard that sometimes if a veterinary certification was included, the USDA/CBP was a bit more receptive,

Yesterday, I received this box in the mail. This one felt a little fuller!

I really liked the ‘customs cleared’ sticker – that was a good sign. There was still the tape from USDA/CBP on the package though. I had been tracking the package and at one point it had a big red ‘clearance delay’ icon next to its status which had me worried.

An orange box!

Lab analysis of the product – apparently the USDA/CBP liked that!

A few more of the posters they’d sent before.

Already had one laminated and on the wall!

Finally, the noodles! They travelled well and arrived in great condition. I’ll be reviewing them soon! Thank you very much!

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