Meet The Manufacturer: Product Samples From Mamee Double-Decker


Pinky sent me a tracking number and I waited. Packages containing food products from overseas are often scrutinized by the Department of Agriculture, and more than once I’ve found they’ve not made it through. Happily, this big, awesome box of goodness came through! Let’s see what’s within!

Oh, wow – lots of cool stuff! Let’s check it all out!

Some packs of their different noodle varieties – awesome!

Mamee Chef is their new premium line.

A box with two 4 packs of the Mamee Chef Tom Yam Thai – and a neat plate!

Chilli Cheez Corntoz snacks!

A different Mister Potato than I’ve seen before! I wonder if they have the kid’s toy over there?

Their original product, Mamee Monster snacks. These are family packs with 10 little bags inside! You crush the contents of the bag, open, and eat ’em up!

They sent a Mamee Monster plush toy for Andy! Yay! He really likes it!

Mamee makes cup mi goreng and cup versions of their premium Mamee Chef line as well.

These are two varieties of their hot curry instant noodles. Curry!

Finally, here’s a poster they sent – lots of autographs! Thank you to Pinky and everyone at Mamee Double-Decker!

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